Thursday, October 1, 2009

English Composition 4. Drug Addiction

English Composition 4. (written during school days...)

dddddddddddddddddddddddDrug Addiction

Gone are the days when the younger generation used to be in their house alongwith their family and loved ones and enjoy the four- time meals happily and leisurely without any problem or arguments from either sides i.e. both the parents and their children. But nowadays, the present younger generation has it all changed with their involvement in dangerous gangs who hang around the neighbourhood during school hours and take pleasure in robbing houses and shops for money.

Or sometimes, they just take away all the things present there and sell them to various junk dealers. And with the cash they get, naturally they use it to buy more weapons and stuffs they find handy while having gang fights. But most of the amount goes out for buying drugs. Yes, a major population from the present generation, world- over have made their ives in danger- at stake, by taking drugs. At first, they get it for free while they hang out with their friends or they even get into the habit of smoking and drinking during parties. Anyway, at first, the person who offers it, forces the victim with a smile and tells him all the pleasures he can enjoy once he just takes it in. Or if the person is still reluctant to receive it. the offeror may add the stuff in a cool drink or anything else and gives it to the victim who innocently and unknowingly takes the drink along with the stuff that will bring him misery from then on.

And henceforth, when the victim approaches the supplier for his second dose, when he can no longer bear the feeling, that is when the supplier starts his game. By putting the innocent chap in danger by offering him drugs. Drug addiction is the main reason why many people, mostly youngsters get involved in accidents, break- in's and murders. All these just for getting the money to satisfy themselves with drugs!

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